How to Take Better Pictures with Your Android Phone


How to Take Better Pictures with Your Android Phone

These days, it is impossible to find a smartphone manufacturer who doesn’t point out how good the cameras on their devices are. Of course, it is simply a marketing ploy in quite a few cases.

On the other hand, there are many smartphones with really good cameras. Therefore, if you think that the camera is at fault for not taking good pictures, think again.

It is certainly possible that you might not be taking pictures the right way with your phone’s camera. Here are a few tips that can help understand how to take better pictures.

Tips for Better Photography with Smartphones

Keep Your Lens Clean

If you want to take good pictures with your smartphone camera, you have to start with the lens. Clean the lens before taking a photograph every time.

After all, the lenses do get dirty as the phone rests in your pocket. A wipe can do wonders for your photography.

Set Your Camera On Quick Launch


Timing is crucial. Many good moments escape before you can take out your smartphone and capture them. If you want to know how to take a good photo, it all starts with capturing the right moment.

The good thing is that most Android smartphones come with a shortcut or a quick launch feature for the camera. Start using the feature or download an app that allows you to do so.

Understand the Rule of Thirds

One of the first things you will learn in a course on how to take pictures with any camera is the rule of thirds. In this rule, you need to imagine that the frame has been divided into 9 equal rectangles.

Your subject should be positioned near to the corners of the middle rectangle. Most native camera apps in Android have this grid option by default.

If yours does not, you can easily download one that has.

Do Not Use Digital Zoom Ever

This is a golden rule you must always remember as you learn how to how to take a good photo. The problem with digital zoom is that it simply enlarges and crops the picture, thereby reducing its quality.

Only use optical zoom if available in your smartphone. Otherwise, simply use post-processing to crop the photo.

Always Use The Full Sensor

It is easy to get caught up in trying to take photos in 16:9 resolutions. However, if your camera’s sensor works in 4:3, you are simply wasting your sensor if you take photos in 16:9.

Your images will be all the poorer for it. If necessary, you can always edit the 4:3 photo into a 16:9 one after post-processing.

Learn How To Use HDR


These days, most smartphones have the ability to use HDR or High Dynamic Range. In simple terms, HDR allows multiple shots to take place of the same frame but at varying exposure levels.

The shots are then merged as well as balanced to ensure perfect lighting. Start learning how to take pictures with HDR.

Use Manual Controls

Most native camera apps for Android do not offer you flexibility in modifying the ISO, shutter speed and aperture. As such, you should download apps that do offer these options.

Do Not Use Flash

Using the flash is tricky even in a DSLR and professional photographers take years to master it. The flash available in your smartphone is never as good as a DSLR.

As such, you should never even think about using it unless absolutely necessary.

Check Details

One of the ways to learn how to take better pictures is by checking your previous images. Go through the details of the images you have taken, the good and the bad ones.

By finding out and understanding details like ISO and exposure time, you will learn how to ensure perfect photos every time.

Opt for Landscape Mode


Pictures tend to look better when you click them in landscape mode. Of course, there are certain subjects for which the portrait mode is better.

Discover a Unique Point of View

Great photographs are not always defined by their subjects. Instead, it is about the point of view used for taking them. Try and discover a new point of view whenever you are taking pictures with your smartphone.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

Lighting is easily the most important aspect of photography. Therefore, you can vastly improve your photos if you simply get the lighting correct.

The aim should be to capture the subject when the lighting is hitting it better. A good tip is that your camera should never face the source of light directly.

Try Attachable Lens

You can now find attachable lens for your smartphone easily. These accessories can impart special effects to your photos like fish eyes or macro.

Feel free to try them out. You may discover a new way to learn how to take better pictures.

There are different kinds of attachable lens available in the market. You can even pick up one for optical zooms.

Start Using Tripods

You should already be familiar with the importance of stability when taking photographs.

These days smartphones do have image stabilization features to help you overcome vibrations and shakes while taking a photo.

However, they are not very powerful. As such, a tripod can save you a great deal of trouble. You can easily find tripods for your smartphone in the accessories section.

Install Apps for Post-Processing

Nowadays, you can find a great variety of apps for editing photos. Many of them offer extensive sets of options for processing your photos.

If you want to learn how to take better pictures, you must pay attention to the post-processing phase. If you are just starting out, you can simply use filters to improve the beauty of your shots.

However, you should try learning the more detailed options. Although they may seem complicated, they can give you greater control over the end results.

A DSLR does not necessarily guarantee that you will take pictures.

Taking good pictures is mainly about having the right skills and knowledge. These tips will help you do so with your Andoird smartphone camera.

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