Top 10 Gadgets That Are Changing The Role Of TV Technology

Gadgets That Are Changing The Role Of TV Technology

In recent years, the way we watch TV has come a long way from the way TV viewing was perceived in the past. Fast technological changes have had a drastic impact on TV technology in the recent years, changing the way we use TV today.

Gone are the days when there were a few TV channels confining you to watch limited shows at a particular time; now you can watch anything you want according to your convenience. Here is a list of 10 gadgets that changed the TV technology in a radical manner and still continues to do so:

1. Laptops / Tablets

As the use of laptops and tablets has become more common, more and more people are using these devices to watch their favorite shows. For people who spend a lot of time outside their house, travelling or working, TVs are now getting replaced by these devices because they allow them to watch videos through Internet at their own convenience.

Due to the wide variety of videos they offer, they are fast becoming a much preferable option for TV viewing for those who have limited time.

2.  Smartphones

More than laptops, it was the common use of iPhone and subsequently other smartphones that fast replaced the use of home television.

Small, portable, hand-held, and offering a large variety, convenience and privacy, these devices changed the TV viewing experience drastically and still continue to do so with the introduction of impressive TV apps.

3. Portable TV

If you can’t find time anymore to watch the TV shows you like, then you no longer have to worry.

The invention of the small-screened portable TV made it possible to carry around your TV with you and watch your favorite show when it was expected to go on-air, no matter where you are.

4. Plasma TV

Flat screened Plasma TVs with large-sized screens and high-end features were a major change in TV technology attracting more and more consumers to invest in new television sets, providing them an experience that was quite new for them at home.

The high quality of video and audio along with the sleeker designs make it a high-demand gadget in TV technology industry.

5. LCD Flat Screen TV

While Plasma TVs hold up their market, LCD TVs are the leading gadgets right now. The improved picture quality and an enticing viewing experience are not the only things to make it popular.

More than that, it is the ‘green’ effect of these TVs that makes them more attractive; no use of toxic substances during manufacturing and far less power consumption.

6. 3D TV / Blu-Ray Player

From black and white TVs to 3D displays, TV technology has surely come a long way. 3D TVs and Blu-ray players allow you to watch 3D movies at your home.

Now, you don’t have to rely on a trip to the cinema for watching the latest movies; you can do it as easily at your home.

7.   Smart TV

Smart TVs have not just changed the way TV is viewed, but also how the Internet can be used to enhance the TV viewing experience. Smart TVs allow you to connect your TV with the Internet and search for videos of your choice through Web browsers.

Everything that is available on the Internet is now accessible through your TV along with astounding features.

8.  Portable TV Devices and TV Apps

As the use of smartphones and tablets for watching TV increased, there was a plethora of apps and devices in the market made available to aid TV viewing on the go.

You can carry these devices with you, plug them to a device and watch anything you like irrespective of where you are.

9.  Media Streaming Devices

These devices made it possible for people to bring the variety of internet to their home television.

For those who like watching videos at their convenience, media streaming devices were a perfect way to browse for videos and watch them on normal screen size rather than the short screens of smartphones and tablets.


Another fast-emerging technology that aims to change the way TV is viewed is the OLED screen that will allow much better lighting and contrast ratios, which will lead to unparallel focus on details in both bright and dark scenes. This technology is expected to rise fast in the market in the next decade, changing TV technology quite remarkably.

The concept of TV viewing is no more confined to your house. Today, with these frequently changing gadgets emerging in the market, TV viewing experience is coming far away from what it once was.

You don’t have to come home to your TV anymore; it is your TV that comes with you everywhere you go today, providing you entertainment at your convenience.

Rosette is a technology analyst who reviews the latest of technologies that are made available in the market every day, and their impacts on the economical, social and psychological scenarios. For Dish Mexico and Dish Latino packages try, where you can find Latin and Mexican channels for your viewing.

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  1. Guilty! I have almost everything on the list. It is just a wonder that a simple and small device can do so much. Technology is really fascinating.

  2. Hi Rosette! I agree that those awesome gadgets have been sweeping the normal television out of the house, but I think it is still nice to own a normal television anyways. Cool post! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. Having these gadgets will can actually change your usual TV habits. Having a smart phone alone can get you hooked by using one and you will no longer feel the need to use a normal television.

  4. Awesome gadgets that can actually kick the television out of our house. Space-saving, very handy, and so cool! But I think I still love my television. Thanks for sharing this with us! 🙂

  5. Those awesome gadgets are so cool! I want one, however, I personally think that televisions are still in demand. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  6. Having these gadgets will really let you forget about the use of TV technology. Mentioned gadgets have greater properties compared to old television sets, and I think this is one reason why most people prefer to use them today. Old TVs are still helpful though. 🙂

  7. Laptops are definitely changing the role of TV technology. More and more people are watching TV on their computers…maybe at some point TVs will become obsolete! 🙂


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