5 Ways to control your computer with your phone

5 Ways to control your computer with your phone

Just as we call it the “evolution of technology” things seem to be going in the right direction steadily, making sure that users are benefited from it. Gone are the days where you controlled your mobile with your PC or Laptop. This is the era of smart phones. And even smarter apps. These smart phones allow you to do just about anything that … [Continue reading]

Protect Your Laptop: 10 Things You Need To Do

Protect Your Laptop: 10 Things You Need To Do

One of the main reasons why laptops outsell desktops is the portability factor. Not only are they lightweight and convenient but most laptops look incredibly sleek and stylish which adds to their appeal among consumers. However, they are also easy targets for thieves and online hackers. Losing a laptop is a devastating experience, especially if … [Continue reading]

10 Kindle Fire Apps You Shouldn’t Ignore

10 Kindle Fire Apps You Shouldn’t Ignore

In a recent survey, the Kindle Fire came second in a list of the top selling tablet devices. This shows how popular the Amazon device has become. The Kindle Fire runs on Fire OS which is a modified version of the Android operating system developed by Google. It does not have access to the overpopulated Google Play Store but Amazon Kindle Fire … [Continue reading]

3 Challenges faced by Most Affiliate Marketers

Challenges faced by Most Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing has been growing in popularity in recent times and is being touted as the ‘next best thing’ in the digital sector. If you choose affiliate marketing as your career path, you are likely to have several good prospects ahead of you. However, there are various hurdles that every affiliate marketer must overcome before they can hope … [Continue reading]

Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit: An Overview

Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit

Samsung has always been one of the most innovative brands in the world of electronics and the company has managed to amass a huge international fan following due to its unique ability to create attractive yet user-friendly gadgets at moderate prices. Team Samsung occupies a dominant position in the realm of smartphones and the company launches … [Continue reading]

Mac Vs Pc: What’s your Take?


The Mac vs PC debate is a common topic of discussion that has persisted through this decade. The war is so pronounced that often you may find Mac users and PC users complaining about each other’s shortcomings. Common claims of Mac patrons include the slow operating speed of PCs. On the other hand, PC users raise questions on the practicability … [Continue reading]

10 Best Zombie Games You Can’t Resist

Dead Rising 2

Few supernatural concepts have captured the imagination of the public as zombies have. From movies to books to games, zombies are everywhere. After all, few things are as enjoyable as blowing up heads in games, especially if they are zombies. Recently, the genre seems to have gotten a lot of momentum and more and more games based on zombies are … [Continue reading]

10 Best Productivity Apps for Android

10 Best Productivity Apps for Android

Android devices have been a boon to the new technology. Apart from voice communication, they have become like personal assistants. These well-designed, useful, and fast apps help you to create to-do lists, create notes, store your favorite files, share them when you need, check calendars, write with ease, finish work in time, etc. Here is a list … [Continue reading]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs: What To Expect

Samsung Galaxy S5 A complete look-on-the-specs-and-details

Samsung has always been at the forefront of smartphone innovation ever since it launched Galaxy S3 a few years back. With the release of S4, it has already cemented its position as one of the best smartphone manufacturers in world today. The technological giant’s only worthy competitor at this point is Apple with their range of iPhones, the … [Continue reading]