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Apple aids AIDS fight

A campaign launched by Apple will now allow its customers support the initiative of World AIDS Day 2014. Apple has announced that in this campaign it plans to donate a part of the money received


Google launches Android Auto API

Google has entered the world of in-car infotainment with the launch of its latest software named as Android Auto API. This app integrates various aspects of entertainment and information and transmits


Track your kid’s location using Kizon from LG

Want to know where your child goes after leaving the house so that you can keep a track of his activities? Well, here is a gadget which will help you to do just that. A child tracker from premier


Google researching on various hijacking methods

Google has recently released details on the growing trend of “manual hijacking” which has replaced “mass hijacking” in the past few years. Our virtual identity is now of vital importance as all of

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7 Tips To Capture Great Group Photos

Group photos are great ways to cherish the moments you spent at school, college and office. When you go for a special assignment or on an official visit, you are most likely to be the part and parcel


How to buy the best laptop for the money you pay?

While your average smartphone and tablet are good for doing stuff on the go they don’t provide you with the amount of power and resources as your laptop does. Thus to be more efficient, effective and


How to clean my computer and keep it organized?

Have you ever wondered ‘How to clean my computer?’  Well most of us have, every day we create a number of files on our computer and arranging these file and removing the ones which are no longer


How to speed up your Android Smartphone?

New developments in the field of technology have resulted in advanced smartphone hardware but their full potential cannot be unleashed without compatible software. This optimization between software