Best PDF Readers And Editors For Tablets

Best PDF Readers And Editors For Tablets

PDF, or Portable Document Format files are one of the most popular document extensions out there. Apart from being extensively used in different business transactions, they are often the favored format for different articles and scientific papers.

This is to say that it is pretty much unimaginable to have a tablet without having at least one app that is capable of opening such files, and if possible, editing them. For your convenience, we have created a list of best apps of this type.

Adobe Reader

Of course, Adobe Reader. Even though this software had its problems in some of its PC versions in the past, namely it was not exactly fast and responsive in some of its former iterations, smartphone or tablet app is perfectly optimized and won’t hog all the resources of your device when opening a PDF file.

It allows you to do just about anything that you may want to do with your PDFs, which is to easily zoom in and out, fit your documents to match the screen of your device, scroll continuously or one page at a time and insert annotations. Naturally, you can also jump to the desired page, and do all of that in a smooth, lag-free environment.

Fill and Sign PDF Forms

A great app for business people that often have to deal with different documents that require their signature. Apart from enabling you to view PDF files, this free Android app also lets you insert images, sign documents and then easily share them or email them.

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Seeing that some people are still holding on to their fax machines so that they can sign documents without having to use mail, this app can be a real time saver  and enable you to do even this part of your job while on the go.

GoodReader for iPad

An amazing reader that no iPad is complete without. Far from only being a PDF reader, GoodReader allows you to view and edit different kinds of documents, and gives you a tremendous amount of control over them.

It is amazingly fast and enables you to insert your own notes, text boxes, drawings or arrows into PDF files. It is also very easy and convenient to share documents and upload them to different cloud services, which can be extremely important if you are using your iPad for work.

Text search feature works perfectly, which is important to mention, as a number of apps of this type didn’t manage to flawlessly incorporate that feature. Basically, a must have app for iPad.

Kingsoft Free Office

This app may just be for Android what GoodReader is for iPad. Apart from allowing you to view and edit documents of various formats, including PDF, naturally, it also allows you to easily convert other documents into PDF.

It offers a great set of basic features, like zooming in and out, adding annotations, and the like, but it also allows you to open encrypted PDF files, which is not something that every app of this type can boast.

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