The Rise Of Mobile Printing Applications

The Rise Of Mobile Printing Applications

Have you ever wanted to print a document or a photo instantly from an iPhone or Android, but didn’t know how? Well, now you can with mobile printing applications! Whether you’re at home or on the go, it’s never been easier to print from your smartphone.

Mobile Printing Apps

Mobile printing apps are designed to enable printing from an iPhone or Android device to a printer connected on the same network. Most applications were created by printer manufacturers to make it easy for customers to quickly print important files, web pages, and photos from the cloud using their handheld devices.

Cloud-Based Printing

Cloud-based printing solutions facilitate iPhone or Android printing in ways similar to how you print documents on your desktop, but with one major advantage. The technology lets you print on the go, wherever you are, through mobile applications to a corresponding network.

Cloud-Based Printing on Mobile Devices

The functionality of mobile devices is ever evolving as smartphones increasingly replace desktop and laptop computers in the daily lives of every individual. However, not every smartphone has a printing system of its own. This cloud-based printing solution was created specifically to solve this issue and to facilitate quick and easy printing no matter your location.

The iOS and Android platforms are the most popular operating systems in mobile devices today. People not only use their devices for communication purposes, but they also do a lot of productive work with them.

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Since more and more people are starting to consider smartphones as their primary business device, there is an increasing demand for printing capabilities through mobile devices. But, how exactly does this work?

How it works?

An Android or iPhone user simply needs to download the printing app to gain immediate access to thousands of web-enabled printers anywhere in the world. Apps like ePrint are among the most popular and versatile of the iPhone printing apps currently available.

It easily connects to a web-enabled printer and lets you print documents within seconds. You also have the option of choosing from a variety of quality, size, and paper styles depending on your printer.

Methods of Cloud-Based Printing


Send your file as an email message to a web-enabled printer through your smartphone and collect your document anytime you want.

Mobile Apps

As mentioned earlier, mobile printing apps facilitate on-the-go printing. You may use these apps on your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android devices. After downloading the app, use your mobile device to locate the nearest web-enabled printer and then print your documents wirelessly.

Mobile Driver

You could also download the cloud printing software to your desktop PC or laptop that’s connected to a web-enabled printing device and print your file in seconds.

What are the advantages of a Mobile Printing App?

Cross-Platform Solution: The cloud-based printing solution facilitates wireless printing on a variety of platforms like an iPad, iPhone, Android, or a BlackBerry.

No need to buy a new printer: Most printers available today are ‘Cloud Printing Ready’. However, you can use almost any printer for mobile printing. The number of web-enabled printers that’ll allow you to print from your mobile device is also increasing with every passing day.

Its advantage over a desktop PC: With mobile printing apps, you can print directly from a printer that’s connected to your smartphone. This can be connected either over the same network or via Bluetooth.

Major File Types Supported: Most mobile printing apps support major file types like Excel spreadsheets, PDF contracts, HTML messages, and pictures. You don’t need to install a separate file type app on your mobile device.

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