The Future Potential Of Broadband Internet Technology

The Future Potential Of Broadband Internet Technology

It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come in terms of the internet in such a shot time in only 15 years ago, sites were basic, speeds were crawling and the likes of streaming television and complex online games were still science fiction.

But we certainly aren’t done yet, as the next few years promise even greater advances in broadband internet technology are waiting ahead. So what can we expect to be enjoying in 2020?

Super speeds

Anyone who remembers dial-up must sometimes just sit back and think wow, even at about 1Mb, this internet connection is 20 times faster than back then! At 10Mb that’s 200 times and at 100Mb, 2,000 times faster. So what’s coming?

In terms of home broadband internet, the sky really does seem to be the limit. Many already enjoy 100Mb or faster, with users in Japan actually averaging around this speed. But speeds of 40Gb and more have been successfully tested and put into operation, showing the potential for improvement already proven. Hold onto your hats!?

A seamless experience

And don’t forget 4G mobile broadband, which is already realizing speeds of 50Mb and faster in some countries. As these mobile broadband internet networks continue to improve, we’ll start to enjoy seamless internet experience via Wi-Fi wherever we are, without the need to switch between gadgets and suppliers.

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Watching one of hundreds of HD TV channels at home and don’t want to miss the end of the show? No problem; just keep watching on your tablet or smartphone as you wait at the station and then head off on the train.

Everything connected

Back in the home, more and more devices will also be taking advantage of these improved speeds. The proliferation of Wi-Fi will extend beyond what we’re used to into more and more devices, while the connectivity between them will continue to improve.

Look forward to a truly connected home experience, with central information hubs accessible by everything from phones and tablets to TVs and clock radios.

Home comforts

This will be helped by advances in cloud technology, meaning less and less of the actual processing work will need to be done by the devices themselves.

We’re already starting to see the likes of home security cameras and Wi-Fi controlled door and window locks being offered as value-adds by home broadband suppliers in places such as France and America. Think you might’ve left your lights on? Not only will you able to check from the bus, but you’ll be able to turn them off too!

New ways to experience the net

And, of course, this tech is going to spread from the traditional screens weíre used to now. Clothing, glasses, watches and the like are all prime targets for advances in technology, while more mundane items around the home will also benefit from Wi-Fi and cloud technologies.

In the end, the advances we’ll make over the next few years really are only limited by our imaginations. It’s the sort of statement that has been made in previous generations, but this time we know it to be true. These are exciting times and nowhere is it more exciting than in broadband internet technology.

Chris Marling writes on behalf of, the comparison website for cheap broadband, mobile broadband and tablet PCs.

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  1. Hi Jane,

    Nice work. I love this guest post from Chris. Broadband internet connection is the main thing people talks about everyday because of the super fast speed it offers. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  2. What I like with my broadband is the availability of it anywhere inside the house. No matter what unit I’m using, I can immediately access my internet. It’s high speed internet can provide me fast speed connection even with more than 1 gadget connected into it. Price is a factor too. It’s very affordable in my case since I can use it anytime I want.

  3. I have a lot of hope from broadband technology in the future. I think it will progress in leaps and bounds in the coming years and internet speed and bandwidth shall possibly no more be an issue in a few years time.


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