Definitions On Fly With New Google Dictionary Chrome Extension

Have you ever thought of selection of a word will display the meaning of the word by displaying a balloon pointing the selected word. This new feature is presented by newly launched Google Dictionary Chrome Extension. The extension is available free of cost.

Acer’s Purported Launch Of Ultrabook Laptop: Analogous To Macbook Air

Intel had announced in May that they will be launching a new class of portable laptops called, Ultrabooks featuring less than 0.8” thick display system, longer battery life and priced under $1000. In this series, the first set of Ultrabooks is expected to hit the market by this fall with Sandy Bridge Core i5 and i7 processors.

Google Chrome Launched With Built-in Native Client

Google, the search engine giant which has revolutionized the internet usage experience of millions of people around the world, always strives to mark foot prints into untouched areas. Off late, Google has launched Google+, the social networking facet of Google, has created hype in media as well as from a set of privileged users who have had firsthand experience of it.

Google+’s Break Up Strategem

Google plus social network

Like all love stories the romance between users and Google+ is fading now. Yup, Google+ seems to be recruiting some serious strategies that may unknowingly result in break up …

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Google+ Circles: Seven Suave Uses

Only less than a month of Google+’s public launch it has achieved an awe-inspiring kick start. Google+ now has 10 users joining per second. By now while you were reading the past two sentences almost 20 – 50 users would have joined Google+. If you think its mission impossible then you are wrong.

The “Apple – HTC” Tug Of War

Clearly Apple is leading with certain advantages in this war. Out of the many cases filed against HTC two of them were proved and HTC has been declared guilty by ITC (International Trade Commission).

Cool stuff from Intuit – QuickBooks Mobile

Intuit – The market leader in providing business and financial solutions for small and medium enterprises by offering innovative products in business management, payroll, personal finance, tax preparation and filing. Intuit help consumers get more benefits by saving their time and providing facilities for smooth operation of their accounts with banks and other financial transactions.

Mission “Kill Facebook” – In Testing Phase

Google plus kills Facebook

Google+ which is just 3-4 weeks old (to all users) is literally ruling the web (thanks to the hype and publicity). Google+ is now causing another impact wave to target corporate users by introducing the corporate account feature. Google+ officially asked for top corporate companies to send a request for creating their corporate account.