Mac Vs Pc: What’s your Take?

Mac Vs Pc: What’s your Take?

The Mac vs PC debate is a common topic of discussion that has persisted through this decade. The war is so pronounced that often you may find Mac users and PC users complaining about each other’s shortcomings.

Common claims of Mac patrons include the slow operating speed of PCs. On the other hand, PC users raise questions on the practicability of Mac systems. This article focuses on all the shortcomings and advantages of either system, considering both the demand and the technical aspects.

Who uses what?

Research reveals the fact that both Mac and PC are used by a certain type of people. It was found that Mac was preferred by home office users (like doctors and lawyers), creative people like Francis Ford Coppola and IT professionals such as MailWise. Windows OS is widely used at hospitals, schools, banks and by business owners.

Pros of PC (Microsoft Windows)

According to many Windows desktop computer or laptop users, the price of the Mac hardware is a bit too much. In fact, many feel that the amount of money one has to pay for Mac Hardware in no way justifies the quality of components that are given.

As a matter of fact, you may be surprised to know that only a few models of Macintosh is available within the $1000 range, while a variety of quality Windows PC’s may be availed at the same price. If you want to stick to the cheaper varieties of Mac, options for up gradation will be limited and users may not be able to play many contemporary games that demand high graphics.

If you are planning to buy laptops, you must know that Microsoft Windows Store has as many as 50000 applications as compared to a meager number of 14000 apps at the Mac App Store. Of course, the figure of 50000 in the Windows store includes tablet applications as well.

But even if many of these applications are not up to the mark, there is no denying the fact that Windows counts over its Mac counterpart in this field. Users will invariably get the option to choose from a plethora of music player, video player and instant messenger applications at the Windows Store.

The Mac vs. PC debate also revolves around the flexibility of the respective operating systems. Windows systems allow you to upgrade the hardware as per your requirement, which is mostly improbable in many apple laptops and desktops.

Windows users have an advantage in the software department too, wherein most software’s are tailor made to suit the respective platform.

Also, Windows systems can run the latest PC games as well as support the ancient DOS based programs as used in certain offices. One can either buy a pre-built PC or choose to assemble the various components when using the Windows OS, which is impossible in case of Mac.

Pros of Macintosh

As most people still prefer PC to Mac, the former is more prone to security threats. Many of you must have heard about Trojans. These are basically malware that manifests itself in the form of antivirus software or botnets and lure users into installing them.

Experts feel that apple laptops and desktops will have much lower probability of security breach even with minimum protection, as compared to Windows systems installed with high end antivirus programs.

Mac computers are also easy to maintain than Windows machines as the latter are affected by bloatware, memory munchers and clutter. Additionally, you will also have to update system drivers and security patches in Windows computers from time to time.

Apart from this, one can choose to install Microsoft Windows in the Mac machine dependent on OS X. Conversely, the installation of OS X in a Windows run computer is next to impossible. However as more and more people begin to use Mac systems, newer ideas of security attack will be born and render this particular argument baseless and archaic in the near future.

Mac and PC- the Designer’s Paradise

Although Macintosh was considered to be the better option for system designers in the 80’s and 90’s, Windows has gradually come up with a number of sophisticated designing programs.

Numerous design applications have been created recently, which feature high file compatibility between both Mac’s and PC’s. The consequence of this flexibility resulted in an increase in the number of users who wanted to work in the Windows platform.

Regardless of the aforementioned observation, you may still find that many corporate offices prefer the Mac based OS X for the sheer speed of workflow. Many IT Companies want their offices to be equipped with Macintosh machines owing to the better design tools and a large variety of built in tools like “Preview” that allows fast conversion.

So in case of design tools, it will be hard to select between the two. Therefore a lot depends on personal preference of the user as far as design tools are concerned.

Challenges of Mac and PC

The Mac vs. PC debate is a tough one, as neither brand emerges as the clear winner as far as simplicity of operation is concerned. As such if you consider the opinions of users, you will find that supporters of each admit the existence of some faults in either system.

At present, Windows and Apple have started releasing new applications; rather applications that are not present in the other. So again, a lot will depend on the choice of the user as far as this issue is concerned. Manufacturers should make an effort to produce a new brand of systems that support both the operating systems to estimate the shortcomings of each of them.

So what should you opt for?

The primary purpose of this article was to provide some information regarding the pros and cons of Mac and Windows PC. Although the Mac vs. PC debate may not end any time soon, the one thing that users should keep in mind is “personal requirements”.

This means that if you want certain features that are present in Apple Macbook that a similar Windows device does not have, you must not give audience to what Windows patrons have to say and vice verse.

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  1. This will depend people have diverse thoughts. A single great aspect of Mac is because they can not acquire computer virus. Mac work much better yet tight on applications to select from. PC offers much more computer software obtainable. And if the this will depend which your own acquainted with if the accustomed to utilizing personal computer it may need a serious amounts of get accustomed to the particular Mac file format.

  2. I think it’s more towards the usage like, what kind of apps you would need and what kind of work you would be doing using the machine.

    Nevertheless, good insight for the less techies.


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