Ten Best Running Apps for Android

Ten Best Running Apps for Android

Among all popular mobile operating systems like iOS and Windows, Android has taken the market by storm.

What makes it stand apart is its user-friendly functioning and attractiveness.

Its user interface is mostly based on direct manipulation with the use of touch gestures such as swiping, pinching and the like loosely corresponding to the real-world actions in touch screen devices.

Additionally, Google has also developed Android TV, Android Auto, Android watches and such, each having a specific user interface.

It is a readymade, low-maintenance and cheap operating system which is compatible with most high-tech devices. Android has been the bestselling operating system since 2013 on tablets and also on smart phones.

Android’s huge number of applications is what makes Android unique and among the most well-known operating systems.

As recorded in 2013, Google’s Play store had over one million applications and more than fifty billion applications or popularly termed as “apps” downloaded.

These applications or apps extend the proper functionality of the device. In a busy lifestyle, keeping track of your calorie intake and workouts can be problematic.

However, Android’s user friendly running apps can be a solution. However, there are innumerable running apps to choose from.

If you happen to be a new user of Android and are confused as to which application to download from this sea of apps, here is a list of top ten most downloaded running apps that will make your life easier.

Couch to 5 K Run Trainer

Couch to 5k

If you happen to be a fitness junkie, keeping track of your workouts on a daily basis can be challenging.

However, if you are a couch potato and need some motivation in life to push you into getting back in shape this application is perfect for you.

It is the app with a plan. It is an app that helps you to slowly and steadily develop your endurance so that you can run about 5 kilometres in eight weeks and encourages you to get in shape.

It has a built-in audio coach and is compatible with most music apps.

Zombies, Run

Zombies, Run

To make running less boring and more exciting, Zombies, Run is the running app for you that will get your adrenaline pumping and running “for your life”.

It is an addictive game that features a great storyline in addition to voice acting and SFX.

You are the protagonist of the story who has to run through various missions, saving lives, collecting supplies, completing tasks and most importantly running away from cannibalistic zombies hungry for your flesh.



Being one of the most popular brands of sports products, Nike has left no shoe unturned in its efforts to keep people fit and in track with their workouts and fitness goals.

Nike is one of the most trusted sports companies and hence this app makes all your runs count through this fitness app.

Its features include, keeping track and storing all your runs and records, personalized coaching plans as per your preference, customizable post-run sharing, leaderboards to compete and music controls.



This is one of the most downloaded and popular apps available for Android.

It has the largest food database with a range of around six million food items. It also has a nifty calorie counter to help you lose those extra pounds and also keep you fit and going.



For all activities like running, biking, jogging, Runtastic is one of the best running apps ever created. It acts as a personal running trainer for all your routes, even for marathons and also as a walking tracker.

Its key features include workout tracking with GPS and running map, voice coach, yearly running board, shoe tracking, leaderboard, live tracking and cheering, power song, integration with MYFitnessPal and wearable connect.

Google Fit

Google Fit

This app helps you track any activity such as running, walking or cycling throughout the day.

It also gives you instant insights such as real-time stats for your runs, walks and rides. It measures your health and wellness and is also compatible with Android watches.



Endomondo is one of the best fitness trackers and personal training apps that help you get the most of your runs, walks and rides.

With the help of GPS, you can track your workouts, check your stats and hence reach your fitness goals.



Track your workouts, set goals, follow a plan, keep yourself motivated and check your progress through this popular running and fitness tracking app.

With its new upgrade consisting of new featured workouts and mini challenges with rewards, this app ends up being one of the best running apps for android.



What is a workout without music called? Boring. All you need is the right kind of music to keep you going. PaceJam is the android app that has you covered.

Choose your desired genre(s) and target pace in bpm, Pacejam will play a playlist in accordance with your preference to go with your run.



Strava is one of the most downloaded and trusted running and cycling apps that millions of android users use to keep track of their activities, compare their performance with time, share photos and stories of their runs with their friends, and compete with communities and the like.

Applications in smart phones serve a very extensive purpose in everyday lives nowadays.

Smart phone users in the recent times are so dependent on these applications that they seem to be lost without them.

Tracking runs and workouts, counting calories, keeping track of health and wellness are all in the palm of our hands from the touch screen devices.

Even though applications have indeed proven themselves to be very useful in our day to day lives, it is important to connect with the outside world as well.

Maintaining a balance between the virtual world and reality is the key to leading a healthy and a happy lifestyle in the life of an average human dependent on technology. Working out is crucial.

Keeping track of the outside world is crucial as well.

Encourage yourself and others to keep a fit and a healthy lifestyle through these apps and also don’t forget to keep a balance between what is virtual and what is real.

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