Why choose Windows Phone over Android or iOS?

Why choose Windows Phone over Android or iOS?

In today’s world almost every person owns a mobile phone. In fact, according to a recent survey there are around 1.5 billion phones on the planet presently. Among mobile phones smartphones are the ones which are preferred by most people today.

These smartphones have become an integral part of our day-to-day life and allow us to do almost everything from a mobile platform. From mobile banking to playing candy crush saga, the list of the uses of smartphones is endless.

However choosing the right smartphone with the perfect operating system to fit your needs can be quite a hassle. We have all gone through the tough  experience of having to choose a smart phone from  among the plethora of smartphones in the market, but the really difficult part comes when we need to choose the operating system that fits our needs best.

IOS, android and Windows are three of the biggest and most popular mobile operating platforms in the world today. Each of the three platforms has their own strengths and weaknesses and choosing between them is easier said than done.

However, the Windows operating system has many features which makes us thinking if we could choose Windows over android and iOS platforms.

Some of these features are –

A great and brand new home and lock screen

Microsoft has put a lot of effort into the appearance and stylistic side of the Windows OS, and as a result the new home screen in the Operating System is smart and savvy. The home screen in Windows is fully customizable-so much so that even the tab lengths can be altered according to the requirement of the user.

The user can also access the applications that are present in their smartphone by a simple swipe which brings them to the applications list. This helps you to easily navigate from one application to another fast.

Another premier feature of the home screen is the Live Tiles option. This option lets the user to change the size of the tabs between small, medium and wide and at the same time updates live data to these tiles.

Apart from this Microsoft has also added a total of twenty new colour themes for you Windows phone which make your phone even more customizable and unique. In fact Microsoft has claimed that none of the phones running the latest Windows 8 operating system will look similar.

Apart from the home screen the lock screen of Windows 8 is also customizable. A lot of improvement has been made to the lock screen and now Windows even allows its users to set lock-screen wallpapers from third-party applications. All these features make every Windows phone unique and special.

Hubs for your social networks, photos, videos and music

The Windows OS has various hubs which are very well integrated with the operating system and link you to various applications on your smart phone. The hubs help the user find everything in one place in an organized manner.

One such hub is the People Hub which contains all of your saved contacts and their details and also gives you access to all social networking platforms that you are part of. As soon as you connect your social feeds with your Windows live account you can get live updates from all the social networking sites all in one place.

The people hub also contains all your contacts which are integrated with their respective social accounts removing the possibility of any duplicate contacts in your list. Apart from this the people hub also allows you to connect your Microsoft Skype account to your list of contacts which lets you make a phone call via Skype or a video chat without even having to load the application separately.

The people hub removes the need to have a Facebook or twitter app on your Windows smartphone by its innovative new news feed option which is quite similar to the news feed that we see on Facebook or on twitter.

The news feed contains updates from all you social networking forums and lets you update your status, share a photo or video or even check-into places in all your accounts at once, you can also pin your favourite contacts, groups and rooms to the live tiles on your home screen and get live updates about them from time to time.

Apart from the people hub there is also the music hub, photos hub and video’s hub which helps you to find all your music tracks, albums, photos and videos-which may be stored on the cloud or on your device-in one place. It also gives you access to all your music, video and photo editing apps and recommends varied content with the help of various in-built applications such as Xbox music, zune etc.

Microsoft office

Microsoft has also revamped Microsoft office for its Windows platform with many new features added to it while retaining all the old ones. Office organizes all your emails in one place and also lets you find them while you are on the go by letting you save these emails on the SkyDrive.

One of the most important and useful features of the new Microsoft office is OneNote. It is a very useful application which lets you take short notes and save them for future use. It also has a voice record option which also comes in handy if you are in a hurry.

It is also synced with SkyDrive so you can access your notes anywhere you want. Apart from the above features OneNote also helps you to editing your documents on the go and also syncs everything that you save on your Windows phone with every Windows gadget that you have.

Summing up

Other than the various ground-breaking features discussed above there are many more features in the Windows OS which makes it very user-friendly, exciting and a hugely popular mobile operating system.

With an ever-increasing Windows app market, growing rapidly by the day and Microsoft planning and implementing new features to the OS regularly, Windows handsomely trumps over both android and iOS. With all these advancements, innovations and inventions the Windows phone is well and truly the king among smartphones.

3 thoughts on “Why choose Windows Phone over Android or iOS?”

  1. Hi Jane ,

    All great points but you’ve missed some important points which can stand above all these. Taking Android and WP , Android is an open source and so it’s quite less with security part when considered with WP. Moreover , the consistent look, advanced camera technology , the new action center etc gives WP a bigger hand. Between, I still don’t know why people says they can’t use MS Office on Android ? :/

    After all , WP is different and so people go for it 🙂

    Good one 😉

  2. But We have a lots of apps which support Android and iOs Phones. But there is a limited number of apps only available for WP.

    Kind Regards


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