How to clean my computer and keep it organized?

How to clean my computer and keep it organized?

Have you ever wondered ‘How to clean my computer?’  Well most of us have, every day we create a number of files on our computer and arranging these file and removing the ones which are no longer required is a very important task which one must complete to clean and speed up PC.

Tired just by listening to it? Well don’t worry we will now show you a number of ways in which you can keep your files organized and your computer clean so that you can find your important files whenever you need to.

Organize your files by their type

You should make separate folders to store the various types of files that are present in your computer. This will help you to find you quickly.

For example make a ‘Program Files’ folder on your hard disk to store all the application data in your computer, a ‘Music’ folder to store all your audio files, a ‘pictures’ folder to store all your images and so on and so forth. This will let you find all the same type of files at one place instead of hunting all over your pc. Apart from that this will also allow you to save disk space by removing any possibility of duplicates.

Save the files in their respective folders

Get into the habit of saving the files in their respective folders. This will save you time as you don’t need to waste any more time in arranging the files later.

Apart from that this also helps you to revise the locations of the file s that you may have saved before as well which saves you from the hassle of searching all over your computer for them. If you get into the habit of doing this then all of the files on your computer will be organized and you can easily access them whenever you want to.

Use logical file and folder names

Saves files of a particular type in their folders by giving them suitable names, so that even if you forget their location you can find them out intuitively. Apart from this name the folders systematically so that it easy for you to find them while saving a particular type of file and also when you want to locate a particular file.

Create subfolders in a folder

Trying to find one single file from a number of files in one single folder can be a tedious task. To simplify it create subfolders within these folders to save different sets of a particular file.

For example a folder named “invoices” can have many subfolders such as “January” “February” “March” etc. This will further help you to save your file in a more precise manner and help you to locate the required file even easier and faster. This in turn makes your computer much more organized and save more time.

Clear out your desktop

The desktop of your computer is the most frequently visited area of your computer thus it is very essential that your desktop clean. You should only keep those files on the desktop which you access daily or those folders which can lead you to important folders and remove the other files, folders and programs to other folders as they will overcrowd your desktop. This can clean to a slow computer and can confuse you about the location of your files.

Now that you have organized you files you need to remove those files or applications from your computer that are redundant or malicious. Here we going to give you’re a few tips on how to cleanup computer

Uninstall programs

We download and install many programs in our computer. Some of these programs that we install are required only for a specific purpose and when that purpose is served then that program becomes useless to us.

Such programs should be uninstalled from the computer or else they eat up valuable disk space without helping us to do anything. Apart from this they also eat up memory and a lot of valuable system resource.

These programs can also become a security risk for your computer as you don’t often upgrade or check them as they have little or no use, so the best thing to do is to remove them from your computer. To uninstall programs from your computer use the programs and features option in the control panel to completely and securely remove these programs.

Use special uninstallers

Apart from the unwanted programs there may be other nagging problems such as unwanted toolbars in your browsers or unwanted themes that you may have installed accidentally. You can remove these by using special uninstallers such as the IObit Uninstaller which is a free PC cleaner.

The application allows you to unused programs, malicious toolbars even windows updates. Thus it is a complete computer cleanup tool along with many special features such as batch uninstallation which allows you to queue up programs to uninstall.

Clean up you email inbox

The inbox of your email/emails one of the primary areas that can get cluttered. Thus you need to de-clutter you inbox of various junk mails, social requests, promotional mails and much more as regularly as you can.

Apart from that you should also set up filters and organize your inbox into various folders as this will save you precious time which would have been lost in searching for important emails.

Backup your data

You computer is a machine and it is only normal for machines to break down, thus it is imperative that you backup all the important files in your computer as regularly as possible as this will save you from losing your valuable data even if your computer breaks down. You can backup your data on an external hard drive or you can also go for cloud storage to save the most important files in your computer from getting lost.

So the bottom line is that if you keep your files and folders organized, remove unwanted files, programs and backup your data you will save a lot of time and thus be much more efficient and more effective in whatever you do.

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  1. Hey expert blogger,you said it all about cleanup your computer,am adding this right on my computer right click on the drive C then select property and click a dialog box will appear ,click on disk clean up this will help you to erase especially those hibernate on your computer.

  2. Hey Jane,

    This article is great. Had some serious issue with my lappy and it went from bad to worst. Cleaning them up (until now) and hoping to get back ‘kicking’ real soon.

    Top notch tips and appreciate the share!

  3. Thank you so much for this post. I am going to try some of the tips that you have suggested to “clean” my computer, as my files are so disorganized right now it is terrible. I am going to backup all my data as well. I had my desktop computer already crash on me and I lost all the data on the hard drive, much that wasn’t backed up. I do use Google Drive and try to back up important files in Google Drive, but often I don’t seem to remember to do that. I probably need a backup program that just automatically backs up my hard drive at a given time.

    Thanks again for your post. I have a technology blog, which is about three months old, on Internet security and privacy. I really am impressed with both the content and the layout of your blog. I really like your writing style.



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