The Secrets To Choosing The Right Gaming Laptops

The market is flooded with laptops of various sizes, various brands and various features. As we know a laptop can be held on the lap and we can work more comfortably. We can carry wherever we want. The advantage of a laptop over desktop is its flexibility in carrying from place to place and the battery backup.

apple iphone 5

The Buzz On New Apple iPhone 5

Market analysts are expecting the launch of a new Apple iPhone in the month of October. There is wide spread rumors in media about the new design and features. Till now, Apple has four versions of its iPhones. Version change happened whenever there is change in the Apple Operating System.

LG A530 3D Gaming Laptop

Joining the list of Alienware, Asus and Toshiba, LG has announced a new 3D capable laptop for those with itchy virtual trigger fingers, the LG A350 to its computing line-up.

Definitions On Fly With New Google Dictionary Chrome Extension

Have you ever thought of selection of a word will display the meaning of the word by displaying a balloon pointing the selected word. This new feature is presented by newly launched Google Dictionary Chrome Extension. The extension is available free of cost.

Acer’s Purported Launch Of Ultrabook Laptop: Analogous To Macbook Air

Intel had announced in May that they will be launching a new class of portable laptops called, Ultrabooks featuring less than 0.8” thick display system, longer battery life and priced under $1000. In this series, the first set of Ultrabooks is expected to hit the market by this fall with Sandy Bridge Core i5 and i7 processors.

Google Chrome Launched With Built-in Native Client

Google, the search engine giant which has revolutionized the internet usage experience of millions of people around the world, always strives to mark foot prints into untouched areas. Off late, Google has launched Google+, the social networking facet of Google, has created hype in media as well as from a set of privileged users who have had firsthand experience of it.